Freedom, Prosperity, Justice - Hanfparade 2012

Hanfparade 2011 flyer, first version

Legalise the recreational use of Cannabis! Freedom is the possibility to do what no one else harms: This principle can only restricted where it touches the rights of other people. The consume of marijuana or hashish does no harm to other people. The science came to the conclusion: the consumption of cannabis is less risky than the consum of the legal drugs alcohol and nicotine tobacco. The government still insists on the restriction of cannabis with the narcotics law (BtMG in german). The Hanfparade wants to change this!

Make medical marihuana a possibility! The Hanfparade fights for the right of every human to use the adequate aid for their health. Cannabis was for hundred of years one of the most used medical plants. The "war on drugs" ended this period over night. The Hanfparade supports doctors and patients at their struggle to get access to natural medical cannabis.

End the discrimination of the Cannabis plant! Equality intents to handle same things the same way. The narcotics law is a law which discriminates partes of the society (for example Cannabis farmers) and supports other (for example Wine farmers). It is not equal that one of the most usefull plants - Cannabis - has high bureacratic problems in Germany. The Hanfparade wants to present the public the diverse use of the natural resource Cannabis.

We go against the prohibition of Cannabis. For more transparency, information and education; for Cannabis as resource, medicine and recreational drug; for freedom, prosperity, equality!

We meet at 11th August 2012, World Time Clock, Alexanderplatz Berlin, 1pm!

Videos from the Hanfparade 2012

Here we have our videplaylist with all the videos on 2012:


Which Way to Go

Having started at the World Time Clock at Alexanderplatz, Berlin, the Hanfparade 2012 will head through Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse (street), Spandauer Strasse over Spandauer Bruecke (bridge) into Oranienburger Strasse. From there, through Friedrichstrasse, passing the bureau of the German drugs commissioner to the exclusive boulevard Unter den Linden, up to Shadowstrasse, which we will follow to Dorotheenstrasse. Then we are at the Bundestag the parliament of Germany and move on over the Ebertstrasse to pass the Brandenburger Tor to reach Strasse des 17. Juni.

With this route we want to inform as many people as possible from different groups of society about the negative consequences of the Cannabis laws and encourage them with our messages to critically question Cannabis prohibition.

Image of the route of Hanfpanfparade at Google Maps

Grand Opening!

Photo of the World Time Clock in Berlin, Alexanderplatz; Foto aus Wikipedia von RalfR

At noon on the 11th August 2012 the participants, their colourful, decorated parade trucks with their political messages and demands will gather at the World Time Clock on the Alexanderplatz east side of the railway station Alexanderplatz. The grand opening will be at 1:00pm with music and fiery speeches about our motto "Freedom, Health, Justice" and about protection of minors, consumer protection and legalisation.

The Route

After the opening ceremony at the Wolrd Time Clock, the route will lead through Karl-Liebknecht-Straße (named after Karl Liebknecht, one of the founding members of the communist party in Germany), passing the St. Marien church, one of the oldest still sacrificially used churches in Berlin, into Spandauer Straße and over Spandauer bridge in direction of Hackescher Market, one of the most visited tourist centres of Berlin and a stopping point for one of the parades speeches. From Hackescher Markt the route will lead along Oranienburger Straße, passing the new synagogue and the Tacheles Gallery, a self organised collective centre for arts and events, into Friedrichstrasse. There the route will lead south, passing the bureau of the German drugs commissioner to the Friedrichstadtpalast, where another speech will be held. From there to the exclusive boulevard Unter den Linden, passing the Russian embassy who are also hard liners in the matter of drug politics, to the Reichstag building by Wilhelm-, Dorotheen- and Ebertstrasse, thus north around the Brandenburger Tor, ending in the Straße des 17. Juni, where the closing program will take place.

Closing Event

The closing event will take place on the Strasse des 17. Juni, directly in front of the Platz des 18. März at Brandenburger Tor. Hence we will be able to call many people's attention to the negative consequences of the Cannabis prohibition – with the Hanfparade we will convey this problem to the public, we call upon the sensibility of the people and encourage them to question Cannabis prohibition. The area of the closing event is the Tiergarten park, where one can comfortably chill out after the Hanfparade.

There will be a program with speeches, various live bands, hemp information and much more.

Sponsors of the Hanfparade 2012

Hanfparade is possible only with financial support of companies and individuals of the hemp scene. Special thanks to our sponsors who pay most of the demonstration.

The team of Hanfparade thanks: