Hanfparade 2015: Use Hemp

The 2015 motto was "Use Hemp" (Nutzt Hanf!)

The Hanfparade is the traditional and german-wide pro-Cannabis march in Germany. Every year in August we gather for the legalisation of Cannabis as resource, medicine and recreational drug.

Hanfparade 2015 flyer - Use Hemp!On Saturday, the 8th of August 2015 marched for the 19th time for the long expected change in the policy on Cannabis.

8000-10.000 persons marched for their right to use hemp - in all its varieties, in all its forms!

1 pm Main Train Station - Washington plaza
We want to show how usefull hemp can be. There are to much bureaucratic hurdles to grow hemp. We want free choice of hempseeds for farmers!

3 pm - Ministry of Health
We want to remember at this point that still ill people can only get Cannabis in special cases. We want free medical cannabis for everyone who needs it!

4 pm - Berliner Dome - Lustgarten
The worst for recreational users is the law enforcement. Legalizing Cannabis would free up resources and bring in tax money. Legalize now!

5 pm - Brandenburger Tor (west side) / Str. 17th June
At the big end rally we offer informations on Cannabis and its uses, live music and speakers at the DINAFEM-Stage, DJs and speakers at the SENSI SEEDS-Stage, the area for industrial hemp, the SENSI SEEDS-Forum for medical cannabis as well as many other, colorfull offers.

10 pm - End
After the parade there were topic parties all over in Berlins clubs.

The demo then follows a route to the Brandenburger Gate. At the street of 17th July we will make our political message heard upto 10:00 pm in the evening.

08.08.2015 - Berlin - Hanfparade 2015 - Nutzt Hanf! Nutzt mehr Hanf! Nutzt Nutzhanf! Nutzt Vollnutzhanf!

Live bands on stage!

Here we go with the live bands on the DINAFEM-stage on Hanfparade 2015:

With the Ohrbooten the Legalisation dances

Foto von den Ohrbooten Band

A quartet from Berlin proves that the road does not always equate with the Ghetto, and demonstrates the most pleasurable sense of the words 'street credibility'. True to the motto "Alles Für Alle Bis Alles Alle Ist" the Ohrbooten throw everything unabated, unrestrained in a pot. After five hundred live shows this should at last become clear: The Preserve is okay. The four Berliners have mastered the art of improvisation very well with occasional surprise concerts in the street and their reputation as an excellent live band. Frequent concert-goers will again and again be amazed by the musical versatility of these guys who tirelessly with their style they have dubbed "Gip Hop".

During their career, the Ohrbooten have also repeatedly referred to hemp and its prohibition. In an interview with the Hemp Journal, the guitarist Matze expresses: "The damage to health may not be the actual argument for the ban, otherwise I could not buy alcohol at any petrol station as Cannabis is thrown with hard drugs in a pot, while the legalization of others. drugs such as alcohol is culturally justified. I would like legalization, because cannabis can be used in the treatment of pain and has many other good features. Also hemp as a raw material does not harm anyone, and would protect the environment. "

With the great fifth album "Tanz mal drüber nach" in the bag the history of the Ohrbooten goes into a new formation.

Best suited for the Ohrbooten sound it's always still hot and oily, live and direct. On the DINAFEM stage the Ohrbooten will open the final rally and give you really hell. Furthermore, the Ohrbooten are since July 2008. Godfather of the project: School without Racism - School with Courage.

Mono & Nikitaman - Sound against stupidity and bad mood

Foto von Mono und Nikitaman

Mono & Nikitaman, which means louder, shriller and self-conscious dancehall Anarcho-reggae- Punk-Pop! The texts of the two Berliners are weapons against the naïvity, stupidity and bad temper of our time and are directed against many injustices and wrong ways in the world. They give hope and provide the soundtrack to make your own, as well as the vision of a better world.

Even the hemp prohibition is to both an eyesore, thus Mono & Nikitaman support legalization at the Hanfparade 2015 with an appearance on the DINAFEM stage where they present in addition to the familiar songs also a foretaste of their new album. Both will give everything again to bring you along: Get out of the now - into the world of Mono & Nikitaman, with music that collects one and catapults directly into the M & N-cosmos.

Hemp, HipHop, Graffiti - Damion Davis

Foto von Damion Davis

At just three years the 1980 born East Berliner emigrated with his family to Warsaw. Even as a child he knows: "I want to be a musician or an actor, or something extrovert, neurotic profiled". After the fall of the wall, back in Germany, in the Berlin district of prefabricated buildings, he sees how to create a new listnership of more and more young people with the right principles. To the lost perspective of childhood of many contemporary he dedicates later the track "Rooftops". "Actually, I'm such a crossover child," Davis reflected later. Is his debut album "downside" still strongly influenced in 2004 by Hip Hop, supplemented or substituted with these interests on subsequent records and mixtapes often through reggae or rock interest. In 2006 he took over a major role in the sensational graffiti-scene portrait "Wholetrain", in 2011 he appeared with Sido, B-Tight and Tony D in the musical comedy "Blutzbrüdaz".

To date Davis is acting on all fronts. In addition to acting and rap persona he is co-label owner of SpokenView Records, documentary maker, a rock musician in the band Nope, reggae artists (4 MegaHerzOrchester) and Splash!-Festival presenter. In his clever lyrics, the multitasker expresses regularly socially critical comments on deprivation, war policy and state power, but also deals with basic ideas such as freedom and the need, in life not "to squander the Bong". Therefore Damion Davis breaks the tight corset of a pure rap artist and goes his own way.? Davis is an actor on the big screen, but in his songs he makes movies for the ears of the listeners. When one experiences him live it's clear that the talent is in him. So he grabs the neighborhood in the suitcase and makes his way to the stage with this? To rock the country - and beyond! On the DINAFEM stage he wants to draw attention to the still absurd hemp policy and put together with the participants a colorful, loud statement against this injustice!

Stoner Blues Womenpower - Kat Baloun

Foto von Kat Baloun

A native of Cincinnati in Ohio Kat Baloun has enriched the Berlin blues and rock scene since the mid-nineties. The "Yorkschlösschen-Urgestein" utilizes besides her brilliant voice also an often ridiculed instrument - the harmonica. Together with her band "Blues Power" she wants to lead the Hanfparade visitors back to grass-roots cannabisphiler music. After all, your rhythm 'n' blues aka Morgan Davis is the origin of almost all modern "Kiffer music". The Berlin resident Powerfrau of R'n'B interprets the classics of John Lee Hooker to Ray Charles, matured by her smoky agreeable voice, and also indulging her passion for more electronic soundscapes.

"I am honored to be a part of this wonderful, and above all very important event, the Hemp Parade, and look forward as a Musician / Artist to accompany this great event with music and thus support the philosophy.

I am a staunch advocate for the legalization of marijuana. The natural medicinal properties of this plant are unfortunately still misunderstood. Marijuana has always been known as a medicinal plant for disease and illness of any kind without side effects; likewise as often occurs a natural, environmentally friendly, product for any industry. "

Kat Baloun concludes with her appearance on the DINAFEM Stage at Hanfparade 2015 a many month tour, which led inter alia to Finland.

Moving Muscleman with Rheinish humour - Özgür Cebe

Foto von Özgür Cebe

If Islam does not belong to Germany, it already does in Ostwestfalen, where a Bielefeld born Rhinelander with Turkish roots has been heard?

The answer to this question is a balancing act that Özgür Cebe must practice every day. That hurts. And if it hurts, there's only one help: make yourself easy. With irony and incisive observation Cebe disarmes all hateful speakers by pure serenity. As can be easily integrated with humor, Also Özgür Cebe can sing a song. And he does.

In 1994 Cebe began an internship at the 'Theater an der Ruhr'. Led by Roberto Ciulli he first played roles that have taken him on tours to Italy and Sweden. He graduated from a vocational training programme for IT systems businessman and began last year of an additional training training as an actor, which he completed with a stage maturity. For two years he belonged to the fixed ensemble Kaya Yanars in the Programme "Was guckst du?!". In addition, you can see him in TV series often such as the "Lindenstraße" and "Alarm für Cobra 11". In cinema he has made his debut as a lead actor.

On 6 September 2009 Özgür Cebe was for the first time a public stand-up comedian. The comedian Jürgen Becker was so impressed that he took him to the Panel of its WDR-show "Baustelle Deutschland". At last Cebe was again at a very special premiere: Jürgen Becker moderated "Cabaret at the minaret" in Germany's largest mosque in Duisburg-Marxloh. The event took extensive media coverage. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger wrote in a review: "Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the appearance of Özgür Cebe". 2014 he made his first performance for Alliance 90 / The Greens on the political Ash Wednesday.

In his program of choice the Cologne supporter also takes on the shortcomings of the hemp prohibition. He even benefits from the green medicine, because he was able to overcome with the help of hemp his cancer! But not only in medicine, he believes a rethink necessary. "It's a shame that millions of people may be legally intoxicated with alcohol, cannabis users are harmless but still criminalized, lose their driver's licenses and, at worst, end up in prison." His criticism is directed at the programme and at the Federal Drug orderer Marler Mortler, proud owner of several hops fields that want to hold onto the ban, and for cannabis clients do only the bare minimum. On the DINAFEM stage Özgür "Oetze" Cebe is to draw attention with humor on the injustice of cannabis prohibition.

This was the stage program:

We have sorted out the acts with colors: Scene, Politics and Music.

17:05 - 17:55
  • Die Ohrbooten (Gyp-Hop)
18:00 - 18:30
  • Frank Tempel (The left, MdB, Speaker for drug policy of the Bundestag party)
  • Thomas Isenberg (SPD, MdA, Speaker for health of the SPD in Berlin)
18:35 - 19:10
  • Kat Baloun Blues Power (Blues Rock)
19:15 - 19:35
19:40 - 20:00
  • Özgur Cebe (Comedian)
20:05 - 20:45
  • Damian Davis (HipHop)
20:50 - 21:10
21:15 - 21:55
  • Mono & Nikitaman (Anarcho Pop)
Closing: Steffen Geyer (chair)

Dinafem-Bühne der Hanfparade 2014