40 Years Are Enough - Bye Bye BtMG*! - Hanfparade 2011

(*BtMG = Betäubungsmittelgesetz = German Narcotics Act)

Had you thought on New Year's Day of 1989 that the 40th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) nearly 10 months later would be its last?

During the 28 years, the Berlin Wall and the German division seemed established. However, the will of the people and their courage to take their demands onto the streets made the unthinkable possible. Not only did the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 unify the city of Berlin, it also helped to create the global village which we take for granted today.

In 1989, hardly anyone believed in a reunification of Germany. Nowadays in 2010, a world without drug prohibition seems unimaginable to many. Yet prohibition is a historical experiment as was the GDR. Just like the GDR the illegalisation of hemp has failed. Like the quest for freedom of the east German people overcame the German division, cannabis users, their families and friends can and have to bring about the downfall of the drug prohibition laws.

Where politic falls in agony, where ideological speechlessness hinders rational decisions, we have to take action by claiming our rights loudly and with emphasis.

The Berlin Wall did not only divide the city it symbolised the division of the world into right and wrong. In a similar way, the German Narcotics Act claims to know which drugs are right and which are wrong. The German Narcotics Act has criminalized millions of citizens just because they prefer other substances than the majority. (Drug-)crime is not fought by prohibition laws; (drug-)misery is not diminished but generated and exacerbated. Since the prohibition of psychoactive substances came into force, consumption has not been reduced anywhere in the world; instead it has increased.

Billions of Euro in taxpayer's money are wasted worldwide for the "war on drugs", although the governments know it's futile, leaves consumers in need of help alone and moreover, kills tens of thousands as "collateral damage". For a fraction of that money an accepting drug policy based on prevention instead of repression would create a controlled market for the distribution of tested substances. That way consumers' health would benefit and organised drug crime would be rooted out.

The mission of the Hanfparade is to end the state's hunt for Cannabis users:
40 Jahre sind genug - BtMG ade! / 40 years are enough - Bye Bye BtMG!

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