Final rally at the Alexanderplatz

The highlight of the Hanfparade will be a final rally on the street on Alexanderplatz, called "Hemp Mile". This gathering invites demo participants, locals and tourists alike, from 5pm - 10pm to become accustomed in the many ways in which hemp can be utilised as a raw material, medicine and natural stimulant.

On stage! Speaker's and musicians will take a stance with themes relating to the debate on legalisation. The hemp crop show as well as a Sensi Seeds-Forum für Hanfmedizin (forum: Cannabis as medicine) will devote their experience to the individual applications in more detail. A London style Speakers corner gives visitors the opportunity to share their thoughts to a large audience. Many parade floats will remain until the end and strengthen the legalisation cause in their special way - with the best DJ sets from dub to Psy.

To relax the Hemp mile invites you to get some info: textiles, cosmetics, delicious food and drinks from hemp will be offered - of course without the psychoactive effects. Head shops and other scene related merchandise are also with us on the parade and rally.

Hanfparade : Final Rally

Hanfparade, Germany traditional pro cannabis rally in Berlin