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Sending out flyers and posters to a wider area than just Berlin is associated with a great deal of postage costs. With this in mind, if you want to support the Hanfparade you can also take it upon yourself to get the posters and flyers printed or print them yourself: Here are the templates!

Parallel to this we have formulated some useful tips on this topic e.g. poster partnership which can be found under "Distribute posters and flyers" and the possibility to "Link the Hanfparade" website with banners of different sizes.

Sooo sorry - no new flyers or posters are published till now! Stay tuned...


High Resolution Templates:

Graphics Templates for Web application (JPG).

These links will always be updated to the latest version of the flyer:

To save: Right click to call context menu and select "Save target as ..."


More Information

Other highly recommended pamphlets and information about legalisation can be found and downloaded from the DHV website (Sorry, German only):

Legalisation through rationality (PDF)

Legalise hemp! But why? (Online & PDF)

Why hemp? The environmental and economic possibilities of hemp raw material (Online & PDF)

All organic? Information for environmentalists

CO2-Zertifikat von

The production of posters and flyers consumes resources and causes pollution. We can not prevent this and we can not use hemp paper because it hard to get and therefore, too expensive.

We have taken various measures to make our poster and flyer printing environmentally friendly:

Volunteer : Print Posters and Flyers