Participate with your own parade float

Photo of a parade float at Hanfparade

´╗┐They support the colourful crew on their parade and manage to turn many heads in interest towards them. They are relevant to the cause and through decoration convey our concerns clearly to the public. Floats are indispensable to a demo and make it really meaningful.

To create and prepare your own vehicle and have it participate with the demo is a special opportunity to actively shape the events of the Hanfparade.

Let feelings call upon you with your own thoughts on hemp. Let your views take effect with your main reasons for legalisation and present your sensational, creative message to the government, society and the public!

Your vehicle does not necessarily need to be large. The costs to rent a small truck can be minimal and not set you back too much. Comparing prices can be worthwhile.

It's best to seek out your own private driver, the rental may otherwise be quite expensive. Of course the driver must be "sober" at the parade!

There are no limits, on our part, of the visual and musical style of your float. All designs and genre our welcome.

However, there are safety criteria to observe:

Also important are stewards, they should be dedicated, responsible people in your team who would be happy to do this job.

Two stewards are needed per vehicle axle. According to the "Right of Assembly" (Versammlungsrecht) they must be of legal age and are characterised by a white armband with the inscription "Ordner" (steward) which are available in most sport shops.

Please consider these points. Otherwise, the police will decide whether your vehicle may go with the parade or not, it's better to be safe than take a chance and be sorry ;-)

Below you will find a download of the detailed requirements from the police for the Hanfparade 2009 in PDF (which are similar every year) and another PDF of the "Right of Assembly" with general information about demonstrations. Feel free to approach us if you have further questions or want to register a float.

Requirements of the police (PDF, German)
Details of the Assembly Commission (PDF, German) [Source]